Frequently Asked Questions

1 - What is the minimum stay in your vacation rentals?  

Normally there is a minimum 3 night booking requirement, but we are happy to consider requests for shorter booking when availability permits. Please check with a Huatulco Rentals representative for those special cases.

2 - After we pay the initial deposit how and when do I pay the remaining balance?  

The remaining balance is due within 60 to 90 days prior to your scheduled arrival date (If time doesn't permit we can be flexible with the payment of the remaining balance due). If you happen to be in Mexico it's possible to pay the initial deposit(s) and or the remaining balance in Mexican pesos via a direct cash deposit into our account at HSBC.  NOTE: If paying in Mexican pesos the exchange rate will be calculated at the daily rate of exchange using  and will be based upon the date of your payment.

3 - Do the prices include taxes?  

Yes, they do. All of the rates for the Huatulco vacation rental properties featured on this web site are quoted in US Dollars and include all applicable taxes.

4 - Am I required to pay a security deposit?  

Yes, you are required to pay a minimum security/damage deposit ranging from $250 - $500 USD payable in CASH upon your arrival and check-in. This deposit is 100% refundable pending excessive cleaning fees and or any corresponding damages or losses etc.

5 - What are the check-in and check-out times?  

Check-in times for all Huatulco vacation rental properties is 3:00 PM onwards (This allows us enough time to properly clean the rental before the next arrival).  If you are arriving to Huatulco before 3 p.m. please advise us in advance and we will make the necessary arrangements to securely store your luggage until check-in.

Normal check-out time is 12:00 PM. Please contact a Huatulco Rentals representative and request a late check-out prior to your arrival and we will try our best to accommodate your needs.

6 - What is the maximum occupancy?  

For the Huatulco vacation rental condos the maximum occupancy is six people. For the villa Quinta Alegria the maximum occupancy ranges from two to ten people depending upon how many suites are rented (NOTE:  For weddings and other functions at Quinta Alegria the villa has the capacity to accommodate up to 250 guest). The Mazunte Beach Bungalow has a maximum occupancy of four people. You are responsible for not exceeding the maximum occupancy and you can be asked to leave the property if you overlook this requirement.

7 - Are there extra charges for gas, electricity or water?  

No, there are no additional charges for gas, electricity or water with our daily/weekly rentals. For the Huatulco vacation rental condos monthly rentals are given the option to have utilities included (Please see our rental rates).

8 - How often is the rental property cleaned?  

All of the Huatulco vacation rental properties includes the initial cleaning just prior to arrival. If you would like additional cleanings during your stay, we offer our cleaning services for an additional cost of $25, which also includes a complete change of towels and bed linens (With the exception of the villa Quinta Alegria, where daily maid service is included).

9 - Are bed linens and towels provided?  

Yes, bed linens and towels are provided in all of the Huatulco vacation rental properties.

10 - What happens if I break something?  

Please contact a Huatulco Rentals representative as soon as possible so we can assess the damage. We will do our best to try and fix or replace the item/s and reach a decision if whether there is any charge incurred.  It is much quicker and simpler to remedy cases of broken or damaged items if we are informed while you are still in the property.

11 - Are pets allowed?  

If you have pets, please inform a Huatulco Rentals representative prior to booking. In general large pets are not allowed, but exceptions may be made to this rule. If you are planning of bringing your pet with you, please do not forget to notify us.

12 - Do the rentals have telephones or Internet access? 

No, with the exception of the villa Quinta Alegria where there is free WiFi access and a telephone limited to local calls. Note:  Internet cafes are inexpensive and plentiful in both Huatulco and Mazunte.

13 - Do the rentals have car parking spaces?

Yes, so if you are planning to rent a car during your visit or if you wish to receive visitors you will have somewhere secure and free to park (Note: The Mazunte Beach Bungalow has very limited parking availability).

14 - Can I bring guests back to the rental?

Once you have arrived at the rental it is literally your home away from home.  Guests may visit you as many times as you like, whenever you like without additional cost, however no overnight guest are permitted without prior permission.  Please keep in mind when entertaining to keep the noise to appropriate levels out of respect for your neighbors.  TAKE SPECIAL NOTE OF REGULATION #16 with regard to entertaining.  Please also take note of the following regulation #15 regarding additional rooms.

15 - Can I use all available rooms, even if I am traveling alone?

As stated in regulation #14 we will need to be notified if you intend to have overnight guests as bed linens are only provided for paying guests and surplus bedrooms will be locked when not in use. Note:  Additional rental charges will apply for extra rooms occupied at the villa Quinta Alegria.

16 - Can I have a party at the rental?

No.  There are tons or bars and clubs in the area, our rentals are not one of them.  The following applies only to our Huatulco vacation rental condos:  From Sunday to Thursday, after 11PM, it’s important that you maintain a respectable level of noise from music and television and noise in general.  During the weekends, please  maintain a respectful noise volume after 12PM.  By closing the doors you can lower the level of noise going outside and into other condos significantly.  Huatulco Rentals reserves the right to deduct money from the Security Deposit if we receive complaints about the noise or inappropriate conduct.  Huatulco Rentals reserves the right to evict with immediate effect all renters from the property who, in our opinion, are not suitable as clients of Huatulco Rentals, due to unreasonable behavior, damage to the property, or causing repeated annoyance or offense to adjacent properties/neighbors. In such cases of eviction, no refund will be given under any circumstances.

17 - Can I smoke in the rental?

No.  All of our Huatulco vacation rental properties are strictly non-smoking except in outside areas (Poolside, balcony, gardens etc.  Extra cleaning expenses will be deducted if the property is left with linen or furniture smelling of cigarettes.

18 - Is there hot water?

Yes and no. All Huatulco vacation rental properties, with the exception of the Mazunte Beach Bungalow, have hot water.

19 - Refund Policies and Trip Cancellation and Interruption

Our Huatulco vacation rental properties are often booked many months in advance and the property will be held for your use during your trip. When the property is being held for you, it obviously cannot be rented to someone else. Therefore, like cruise, tour packages and airline tickets, when booking/reserving a vacation rental home, you will need to make a full or partial payment upfront in order to hold the property.

Normally this is not a problem, BUT if you have to cancel your trip (especially at the last minute), you should know that you may forfeit a portion or all of your rental fees. There are ways to protect yourself however - FIRST: Make sure you know what the cancellation policies are for the property you are renting. SECOND: Consider purchasing Trip Cancellation Insurance for added protection.

If you have to cancel your vacation rental trip, are you eligible for a refund? It depends on the cancellation/refund policy of the property that you are renting and how much notice you are able to give. Usually the more notice that you are able to give, the better chance that the property can be re-rented and the more likely that you will be able to secure a partial or a complete refund. For additional protection, we recommend that you purchase Trip Cancellation Insurance. Most people are not aware that this insurance is available for your vacation rental trip but it is available thru companies such as

What are some covered reasons for Trip Cancellation/Interruption?

There are many different types of trip insurance available, but Trip Cancellation and Interruption protection is the most important benefit you should look for. If your trip has to be cancelled for covered reasons such as illness, accident, death of a family member or traveling companion, jury duty, weather conditions which cause delay/ cancellation of travel or fire or flood in your home, this coverage protects your investment and will reimburse the normally non-refundable payments you make for your vacation rental, airline tickets and other covered travel related fees.

If you miss your planned departure for a covered reason, you may also be covered for additional travel expenses to reach your destination. If you have to interrupt a trip due to a covered illness, this insurance will cover your transportation home. Please see for details on this coverage.

We recommend the following website for more information about Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance Coverage: