About Huatulco (wa-TOOL-co)

During the Spanish Conquest, Huatulco thrived as a port under Hernan Cortés control serving as a vantage point for Spanish galleons and a distribution center for supplies on the Pacific Coast. The latter half of the 16th Century saw Huatulco ravaged by such pirates as Francis Drake and Thomas Cavendish - both leaving their prints on the regions history and legends which continue to this day.

The meaning of Huatulco is “place where the piece of wood (a cross) is adored and venerated”. The date of the foundation of Huatulco is unknown. Nowadays, tourist activities are concentrated in four areas: La Crucecita, Santa Cruz, Tangolunda and Chahué. The Bays of Huatulco (Bahías de Huatulco) or simply Huatulco as the area is more commonly known, are actually made up of a series of nine bays (Santa Cruz , Chahué, Tangolunda, Conejos, Chacacual, Cacaluta, San Agustin, El Organo and Maguey) and numerous small coves stretching along 26 kilometers of jagged coastline, including 36 pristine white sandy beaches. Each bay has its own unique character. Some have several beaches which form little pockets nestled into the towering cliffs, others are wide open to the surf, and still others have coral reefs with crystalline water and numerous species of tropical fish and abundant varieties of other sea life. Here it is also possible to see giant Sea Turtles, huge Manta Rays and pods of Dolphins. The foothills of the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains form a framework for each of the bays and are covered with abundant tropical foliage. It is truly an unspoiled tropical paradise where 70% of the area has been designated as an ecological zone.

Huatulco has approximately 2,600 high quality hotel rooms along with several banks, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, along with a two-story shopping mall which includes a four screen movie theatre. La Crucecita is the commercial center of the area and it's the place were most of the tourist and general services are located. The Zocalo in La Crucecita is surrounded by restaurants, boutiques and handicraft stores and it's where most people go to have fun browsing or get a bite to eat in the afternoons or evenings. Tangolunda is the area where the larger hotels and resorts are located. You will also find two small upscale shopping malls, several nice restaurants and a majestic 18-hole golf course in this area.

Huatulco is the 5th integrated resort developed by FONATUR (Fondo Nacional de Fomento al Turismo, a governmental agency for the development of tourism). Today, Huatulco is one of Mexico's newest tourist resort destinations and is one of the most beautiful areas along Mexico's Pacific coast. Located in the state of Oaxaca where the foothills of the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains meet the crystal blue waters of the Pacific Ocean approximately 500km south of Acapulco. Sunshine can be expected over 300 days a year with the average temperature of 30C.

This unspoiled tropical paradise is best known for its pristine natural beauty. The Mexican state of Oaxaca along with FONATUR and the Mexican federal government are committed to preserving Huatulcos' status as an eco-friendly resort.

In addition to the spectacular natural beauty, Huatulco has an exceptional level of infrastructure. FONATUR has made a major investment in developing important elements of infrastructure such as paved roads, electricity, along with state-of-the-art water and sewage treatment plants. The commitment to maintaining the environment here is so high that this is one of the few areas on the Pacific Coast where sewage (treated or otherwise) is not pumped out to sea.

In 2005, Huatulco was awarded the Green Globe 21 international certification as the first sustainable tourist community in the Americas and the third worldwide, after Bali in Indonesia and Kaikoura in New Zealand, because of its development programs for a culture enviornmentally-friendly to conserve its natural resources, thus maintaining the continuous improvement programs guaranteeing a tourist destination of high enviornmental quality. This program acknowledges the commitment of Huatulco to the highest environmental standards.

For getting around, taxis are abundant and inexpensive and there are several car and scooter rental companies. You'll find a wide variety of restaurants, from economical to elegant international cuisine. Shopping includes fresh fruits & vegtables along with butcher shops and fresh fish at the local mercado to all sorts of apparel shops and any type of souvenir in between.

There are direct flights to the Huatulco International Airport (HUX) with Continental Airlines from Houston George Bush Airport (IAH) and with several charter companies from the US and Canada during the tourist season. However most other commercial airlines serving Huatulco such as American Airlines, US Air, Delta Airlines, Alaska Airlines and United Airlines route through Mexico City.