Mazunte Beach Bungalow

HUATULCO VACATION RENTAL CONDOS... Our home away from home! We have been back 3 times (staying a month each time) since first visiting Huatulco and each time as part of our holiday we look around at other rental condos and properties always in the ...
Patsy & Dwayne - Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada
April 23, 2010
QUINTA ALEGRIA... Huatulco is a beautiful traditional Mexican town. Still not over populated with tourists. The people are freindly and the town is clean with lots of great local fare. I have spent the past 3 years visting Hualtulco and the past 2 ye...
Terri, Chicago, IL
December 19, 2007
HUATULCO VACATION RENTAL CONDOS... We stayed for a month with another couple in one of the lofts and it was one of the best places I have ever stayed! It actually has 3 bedrooms with great A/C in each room c/w remote. We did a lot of exploring aroun...
Dwayne Newman, Wpg, Manitoba
April 21, 2008

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